Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Maintaining a good complexion in Winter

Hey guys! So we are in the winter season and a lot of us often struggle in keeping a smooth and good skin during this weather . Not to worry the solution is very simple;

1. Drink water regularly. During this weather we do not often feel thirsty or we prefer to drink more tea but we should not forget to drink water too because it will help keep our skin moisturized and prevent it from getting dry. At least about 4-5 cups of water should do the trick.

2. Moisturize. There are several moisturizing creams and lotions out there we just need to get one and use. Some of us have extra dry skins than others so I will suggest moisturizing twice daily to keep your skin fresh and happy.

Doing this two things will help our skin get through the winter season.

Stay warm and beautiful :)

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